Nutrinaz offers nutrition counseling that will help increase your energy level, lose weight and prevent disease.

If you ask a health care professional the secret to optimizing a person’s physical state, the answer he or she will most likely give you is diet and exercise. Although this is spot on, there’s a lot more to a diet than most people consider. You can’t just cut the sugars, salts and fats. In fact, these are integral parts of balanced nutrition.

To get the most out of your diet and optimize your health, it’s best to get advice from a nutrition consultant. At Nutrinaz, we can help you develop a diet plan that incorporates your favorite foods and addresses any health-related disorders. With our nutrition counseling services, you’ll have decades of knowledge and research working to craft the best possible plan to reach your particular goals.

Nutrition Counseling FAQ

What are a dietitian’s responsibilities?

Dietitians play a key role in the health care community. They help develop diet plans that include all necessary nutrients and customize these plans for individuals. There’s no one-size-fits-all diet, and at Nutrinaz, our dieticians are experts at factoring in the unique qualities of each of our clients.

Everyone’s body is different, and these differences aren’t limited to size, weight and fat percent. Many of our clients suffer from health-related disorders including obesity, kidney problems and diabetes. When we develop diet plans for these clients, a nutrition consultant considers the implications of these disorders.

Will I have to sacrifice my favorite foods to eat a healthy diet?

Rarely, if ever, will someone have to sacrifice their favorite foods to eat a healthy diet. Even junk food has some nutritional value. Nutritional counseling will teach you how to compensate for splurging on fats and salty food by creating a balanced diet that incorporates the other necessary nutrients. At Nutrinaz, we don’t just want you to lose weight, we want to improve your wellness, and creating a diet that makes you happy is a big part of the equation.

How much time does nutrition counseling take?

Because everyone has different goals and physical characteristics, there’s no exact answer to this question. It depends on the complexity of your situation, but rest assured, our nutrition consultants have the knowledge and experience to get you on the right path as fast as possible.

What’s involved in the process of nutrition counseling?

A dietitian will analyze your current physical state and nutritional history. You’ll receive valuable nutrition advice such as how to create a diet diary, develop an eating schedule and kick unhealthy habits. At Nutrinaz, we’re armed with the latest medical research to put you in the best position possible to maintain a dramatic lifestyle adjustment. We can provide you with a menu, recipes and food preparation tips. We’ll also provide you with a useful book list so you can continue your health education during your free time.

Will insurance cover my nutrition counseling?

It depends on your insurance plan, but many do cover counseling. You’ll have to contact your provider to answer this one.

Who can benefit from nutrition advice?

Anyone with a pulse will benefit from this information. The most common reasons why people contact our nutrition consultants include:

  • Improving health
  • Developing healthier eating habits for children
  • Shedding pounds safely
  • Developing muscle mass
  • Creating a diet plan that factors in allergies or other disorders
  • Developing balanced, tasty gluten-free diets
  • Improving blood sugar levels
  • Improving kidney health
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Educating themselves about supplements

For more information about how our nutrition consultants can help you, give us a call or send us an email.

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