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Although your personal health should influence every aspect of your lifestyle, the health of your child should be just as important. Good nutrition plays an integral role in a child’s development, and at Nutrinaz we specialize in children diet guidelines and pediatric nutrition. We’re prepared with the latest medical research to help you develop the perfect health regimen for your family.

Like adults’ diets, kids’ diets must be customized for each individual. When you contact one of our pediatric nutrition specialists, we’ll discuss your child’s physical state in detail. After we’ve outlined the factors that contribute to his or her health, we’ll develop the perfect plan to get your child in optimum physical condition.
We’re not just going to introduce you to kids’ diet guidelines and exercise tips. We want to improve your family’s well being. This involves much more than physical health. We’ll help you uncover a routine that your child enjoys and that will produce long-term results.

Physical activity can reverse childhood obesity.

Get out and play! It’s easy to say, but motivating a young person to give up video games and television can be difficult. This is especially true for introverted children; however, introducing your child to sports won’t just improve his or her physical condition, but the social interaction will enhance their mental facilities as well.

Basic guidelines for developing a diet for children:

If your child has been allowed to eat whatever he or she wants for a long period of time, it’s not going to be easy to get them to stop. Despite this difficulty, it’s your responsibility to lay down the law. As hard as it can be to force a child to do something he or she doesn’t want to do, you need to stay motivated by thinking of the benefits: disease prevention, increased energy levels and improved mood.

Here are three tips that can provide an immediate improvement in your child’s diet:

1. No junk food in the house

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the principal at work here. If your kid can’t find any junk food, he or she will have to settle for a healthy snack. Eventually, they’ll figure out a secret—fruit is sugary and tastes fantastic!

2. No calorie-packed drinks

This tip works for both adults and children. Sodas and other sugary drinks can double your daily calorie consumption, and many people don’t even notice it! Don’t have sugary drinks in the house, and you and your child can shed pounds quickly.

3. Reduce serving size

Its incredible how many people eat dishes that are far too large! Many of us eat too fast for our bodies to tell our brains that we’re full. By reducing the size of meals, your child won’t be overeating.

Adjusting your child’s diet is no easy task, but Nutrinaz can help you create a plan that maximizes the probability of success. We’ll find out what types of food your child loves most and try to incorporate them into the schedule. Each of our clients receives individual attention, which is necessary for developing a long-term diet solution.

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